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The Practical Guide to Leadership.

Compact knowledge for your guided tour to download. 

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The e-book "Fundamentals of Leadership" deals with fundamental topics of leadership in a mixture of theory and practice. 

In 12 chapters the book goes from the general to the specific. What skills are important today for successful leadership? How is digitization changing leadership (now and in the future)? What leadership styles are there – and which one suits you? Theory and practice go hand in hand in this book, just as they do in your day-to-day management work. In addition to theoretical input, each chapter contains an exercise for individual practical transfer. An ideal starting point for your own guided tour!  

Lay the foundation for effective and confident leadership or refresh your knowledge!

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A workbook that activates!

If you are looking for a practical activation workbook that provides a concise overview of the most important skills, then you are in the best hands with Sabine Hahn. Sabine combines a high degree of business experience and crystal-clear explanations of the theory in a well thought-out and structured way, so that you can get straight to work.

I recommend this workbook to anyone who wants to reflect on themselves as a leader and move more confidently in the complex arena of leadership roles and tasks.

Melanie Dreher, HR Business Partner

Sabine Hahn knows better than anyone else how to set the right impulses with her workbook. It contains a great mix of theory, practical tips and exercises. 

I really like the exercises, which encourage me to think and self-reflect (e.g. with routines that have crept in). 

In my opinion, the workbook is suitable for prospective managers, as a guide and manual, but also for "old hands" to open up new impulses again. 

I wish I had had the workbook as a guide when I was just starting out as a manager.

Lisa Rampe, manager

With her workbook, Sabine Hahn gets to the heart of the basics of leadership in a clear and structured way in a well-founded and very personable way.
The workbook is very well structured and, as Vera F. Birkenbihl would describe it, written in brain-friendly portions so that what has been learned is easy to remember and recall. It is easy to read and alternates between explanations and exercises. I particularly liked the feedback rules and the associated feedback planner.

Markus Schmidt, leadership coach 

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