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Ignorance is my resource. Questions are my potential.

Business Coaching:
in Cologne and remotely!

Find the solution yourself thanks to new perspectives.

My business coaching offer is aimed at executives - those in companies, but also those who want to rethink their private life, think further, differently.

Because we are all the leaders of our own lives. In both private and professional contexts, it can happen that we come up against intellectual limits, lose perspective or drive, or that we need helpful impulses for a new phase of life and work. 

With the help of business coaching, I offer you professional and effective support in my Cologne office or virtually, as well as sparring at eye level, so that you can achieve your goals and master your individual challenges. 


Your challenges before a business coaching:

my offer

 My offer in Area Business Coaching: 

A person can take on many roles and tasks. Sometimes even at the same time. And in each one there are opportunities alongside challenges. Coaching is particularly valuable for these groups of people:

business coaching
for executives

Are you a manager and would you like professional and effective support from someone who knows what you are talking about?  I myself have many years of experience as a manager. That is why I am very familiar with questions and challenges relating to leadership responsibility. 

business coaching
for entrepreneurs

Are you the founder or managing director of a start-up and would you like a sparring partner on an equal footing to build up your business?

Working with founders and start-ups is my absolute passion - not least because I founded it myself in 2013 and have not regretted it a day!

business coaching
for teams

As an HR manager or manager, would you like to develop your own team in a targeted manner? Are you the founder or managing director of a company and would like to give individual teams room to grow and take it to the next level? Targeted team coaching could be the answer!

Coaching for private individuals

Is there that one topic, the recurring question, the loud thoughts that you keep mulling over without coming to an answer? Regardless of whether it is a professional or personal challenge: If you are looking for professional and sustainable assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

add value

 The added value in the field of business coaching: 

Coaching has proven effects that you will feel. In addition to improved mindfulness, self-perception and external perception, the most important business KPIs are also included. Measure the success of the coaching in terms of higher degrees of goal attainment, less absenteeism and increased efficiency. 

my attitude


​The principles of my attitude in coaching:

  • People are independent and responsible individuals.

  • People always move in social systems that have to be observed.

  • Every client already has everything they need to solve a problem within themselves.

  • Every person has their own individual picture of reality.

  • Sustainable change works best in small steps - every path can only be taken step by step.

  • I take no responsibility for my clients achieving certain goals - but for the appropriate process.

Dr. Sabine Hahn
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Dr. Sabine Hahn
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