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Logo Dr. Sabine Hahn Agile Coach

Why is agility essential for business success?
What role do I actually play – and how do I play it?  
How do I ensure hybrid collaboration doesn't get out of hand?
And do I have to address everyone now? 

Dr. Sabine Hahn - My approach

As an agile coach, I support companies, teams and managers on their individual path to the agile working world.


Why agile? What does that even mean? Is that really necessary for the company's success? Yes, because agility is the answer to a world that is becoming more dynamic, turning faster, bombarding us with questions and presenting us with challenges that are growing too rapidly. 

You know what I'm talking about? As a manager or with your company, are you at a fork in the road, are you busy organizing your day-to-day life and are you longing for the promised future to finally come? Or does time stop? Then an Agile Coach can be the answer. Because I intervene before a challenge becomes too much.


As an expert and sparring partner, I support you in the areas of corporate transformation, management training, business coaching and start-up consulting.All with the aim of enabling and empowering my clients for the VUCA world.

And one thing straight away: No, agility doesn't mean you have to address everyone now.We develop solutions that really help you.

my approach

my topics

StartUp Consulting & coaching

Sie sind Gründer, Start-Up oder Unternehmer und wünschen sich Unterstützung beim Aufbau des Unternehmens?  ​ Gemeinsam mit Gründern arbeite ich an Themen wie Vision und strategische Ziele, Akquise, Marketing, Prozesse, Strukturen u.v.a.m.

Target group:

  • startups

  • "GrownUps" (>3 years)

  • sole founder

Support for e.g.:​

  • Establishment and growth of the company

  • Strategy & vision

  • Structures & processes

  • team collaboration

  • guide

Transformation support 

Möchten Sie Ihr Unternehmen oder Ihre Organisation weiterentwickeln und benötigen dafür ein erfahrene Prozessbegleiterin? ​ In OE-Prozessen unterstütze ich als Facilitator mit meiner Expertise. Dabei ist jeder OE-Prozess ist einzigartig und individuell.

Target group:

  • SME's: small & medium-sized companies 

Support with e.g.:

  • change processes

  • Optimization of corporate and management culture

  • reorganization

  • Building agile teams 


Executive Training

Sie möchten Ihren Führungskräften hochwertige Qualifikationen für eine agile Arbeitswelt bieten?  ​ Buchen Sie wirksame und professionelle Trainings, die ich nach Ihrem individuellen Bedarf konzipiere! Mein Fokus ist die Führungskräfte-entwicklung im digitalen Zeitalter.

Target group:

  • Managers of different experience and management levels 

Topics include:

  • hybrid teams

  • remote leadership

  • new work

  • Agile methods 

  • communication

  • New in leadership


Sie haben ein individuelles Anliegen und wünschen sich dafür eine 1:1-Sparringspartnerin?  ​ In meinen individuellen Coachings setze ich darauf, dass Sie praxisnahe Lösungen finden. Als Coach agiere ich mit Empathie, Erfahrung und methodisch fundiert.

Target group:​

  • management

  • teams

  • private individuals

Support with e.g.:

  • challenges in leadership

  • change processes

  • personal development

  • career changes

  • general (work-life) dissatisfaction

my topics

People are healthier and more effective when they are allowed to be whole.

Dr. Sabine Hahn

My working method

The foundations of agility are openness, respect and courage. From communication to corporate structures to the decisions you want and will make. My cooperation with my clients is also based on these values and I accompany you there with methods and tools individually tailored to your situation. My work always remains pragmatic, transparent and on an equal footing. 

agile coach

Are you interested?

Feel free to get to know me in a personal conversation without obligation.

Dr. Sabine Hahn
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