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Transformation & Change:
Agile organizational development

Sometimes it has to be the really big hit: A change in the company is needed. 

"Organizational development" refers to a concept with which a planned social change in a company or an organization is to be implemented from the inside. This is exactly what is important to me: change from within – that means with the help of the minds that make up the company and not beyond these minds.

Agile transformation means a change process in companies that aims to adapt individuals, teams and ultimately the entire organization to our complex "VUCA" world. So it affects everyone and everyone is affected. “Agile” initially means “flexible, mobile, active and manoeuvrable”. Agility is not a new method, but a basic attitude and also a way of working.

As an Agile Coach, I support companies and organizations in their change processes.


Your challenges in the area of transformation:

Every company is unique, but you are not alone with your challenges. There are typical adjustment screws that we can start with. Sometimes they are all, sometimes just one, sometimes first one, then the other. In a joint process, we identify your need for advice and work together on and into the future. 

my offer

 My offer in the field of agile organizational development: 

Transformation starts with the individual and changes the company.

I start where you need it and work with you to develop solutions for every area of the company.

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add value

 Your added value in Area Organizational development: 

Organizational coaching and consulting has noticeable effects, not only in the area of work motivation, but also in terms of efficiency. Employees can be felt and seen happierResults improve and the company's success is secured. 

my attitude


In addition to professional qualifications, the attitude of the consultant is crucial for a successful process. My basic attitude in counseling is characterized above all by the following aspects.

development as a process
Change does not happen overnight, but in many small steps. A defined development process has a beginning and an end. In consulting, I see it as my responsibility to shape this process and thus give the change a framework. I always proceed iteratively, in cycles that build on each other.

​Personal responsibility
As a consultant, it is particularly important to me to support those involved in accepting their responsibility. Since I only support a company temporarily, it is important to me to strengthen its self-development potential.

Development needs reflection and reflection takes time. As a consultant, I design free spaces and phases of deceleration. This is the only way to develop creative solutions and make forward-looking decisions.

All the desired resources are not always available, the protagonists involved do not always react as hoped, and the results are not always as intended. As a consultant, I operate with a "hands-on" mentality and focus on what is rather than what could be.

​ Endure the uncomfortable
Change creates friction, and friction can create conflict. In addition, there are always different perspectives on the same situation. As a consultant, I create a framework in which friction and conflicts can be endured and resolved.

promote diversity
Living diversity, changing perspectives, changing perspectives, allowing contradictions and differences. As a consultant, I take the perspective of different protagonists in order to really understand and empathize.  In this respect I am  rather impartial than impartial.   

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Dr. Sabine Hahn
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